Criminal Charges

Whether you are charged with a traffic ticket, misdemeanor offense, or a felony charge, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side to represent you from the very inception of your case, through trial if necessary.

Nick DePetro provides outstanding criminal defense representation in all types of criminal matters. Nick applies a client-centered approach to his practice, designed specifically to alleviate much of the stress and worry surrounding a criminal charge. Nick's extensive criminal jury trial experience allows him to creatively solve cases short of trial, but also demonstrate confidence and preparedness should trial be necessary.

Dependency and Neglect

Nick DePetro provides relentless and thorough representation of parents in dependency and neglect matters where the State seeks to intervene on the family and family unit relationship. 

Civil Litigation

Nick DePetro also provides legal services in all manner of civil litigation, from divorce, custody, and paternity matters.